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About The British Honey Company

The British Honey Company was launched in 2014 in the Cotswolds, Oxfordshire in the beautiful village of Yarnton. Since then, expanding across Oxfordshire each one of their hives works endlessly to pollenate British meadows and hedgerows and provide you with their scrumptious 100% British honey. They have over 275 hives of their own in England, and source on the finest honey from Bee Farmers accredited by the Nation Bee Farmers Association. All of their honey is tested for provenance and assurance of no foreign or impure honey. Their range includes Cotswold, Blueberry, Apple Blossom, Heather, Borage & cut comb dripping with raw British honey.

BHC & List Partnership

List Distillery and The British Honey Company saw a unique opportunity to join forces in order to be able to cross the seas and bring the world each of their one of a kind, handcrafted spirits. List Distillery has been able to provide BHC with their specially crafted Rum and Bourbon for BHC to be able to create their award-winning Spiced Honey Rum and Smoked Honey Bourbon. BHC has also been able to provide List with their highly coveted London Dry Gin, that List will be able to offer in the States under the new 1606 label, giving an ode to the gin's unique English heritage and this newfound partnership!

BHC's Distillery

The British Honey Company are proud to own their own state-of-the-art, bespoke, and fully computerized 1,000-liter capacity copper pot still. It is one of its kind in the UK,  for the guaranteed productions of high-quality spirits. 


Craftsmanship is at the heart of all of the methods used at BHC. The customized still has a 60-liter infusion chamber for carefully selected botanicals to extract the purest of flavors for their artisan spirit range.


BHC is committed to sustainability, the still named Ada, is powered by four electric heating rods, and uses NO gas or oil fuels, greatly reducing their carbon footprint. 

The distillery also hosts it’s own SALSA accredited bottling facility and has an HMRC compliant bonded warehouse for the storage of all their spirits range and third party spirits produced at the distillery in Worminghall, Buckinghamshire, England.

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Keepr's Honey Infused Spirits

Using their delicious award-winning classic London Dry Gin Keepr’s 1606 their Master Distiller has produced a range of wonderfully inspired honey & fruit infusions, including their Keepr’s London Dry Gin infused with Cotswold Honey. Made in small batches, and only using 100% British Honey from their own hives this gin is smooth and easy to drink with a distinct honey sweetness. Their range has since expanded into a selection of Keepr’s Vodkas and Rums which can be simply mixed to create a wonderful array of cocktails, adding a welcome twist on the classics.


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