750 ML

Mr. Tom's Bourbon

43% ABV | 86 Proof

Mr. Tom's Bourbon is a flavor-rich full, bodied bourbon with a nose of deep charred oak and light notes of salt and sandalwood. You will taste a soft smokey oak flavor with a beautifully smooth vanilla and caramel finish.

Mr. Tom's Freedom Rings Bourbon

43% ABV | 86 Proof

Mr. Tom's Freedom Rings Bourbon has a nose of sweet hickory with light notes of buttery oak and toasted almond. Up front you get a new oak and toasted vanilla flavor, with a pleasurable but spicy oak finish.

750 ML
375 ML

40% ABV | 80 Proof

Mr. Tom's Ginger Lime Gin is made with a variety of woodland spices. Juniper and wildflowers envelop the nose, with a very dry taste. The ginger notes hit your taste buds first followed by a citrusy lime finish. It begins with a dry ginger profile, that as it passes over your palate, transforms into a rush a lime. It is excellent for cocktails as well as martinis, both classic and contemporary.

Mr. Tom's Butterscotch Bourbon

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